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We are proud to invite you to the new belletto jewelry experience

Welcome to the Belletto Experience!

If chic is your middle name, if beautiful jewelry makes you happy, if you understand the power of wearing the perfect piece, if you know the difference between trendy and vintage – you've come to the right place.

Belletto Jewelry was born to cater to the cosmopolitan woman. Whether young or young-at-heart, the Belletto Girl appreciates classic jewelry as well as modern and ethnic designs.

We believe in manufacturing jewelry at the highest standards, by applying strict quality control methods unique to the Belletto Group. We lovingly create 925 sterling silver and 14K gold plated jewelry, with natural gemstones like Turquoise, Amethyst, Moonstone and more. We also make jewels with synthetic opals in blue, rose quartz, white and more. 


We know that true success depends on:

  •          Quality products
  •          Outstanding customer service
  •          Creativity & innovation


So… are you ready to become a Belletto Girl?