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Symbols and Jewelry Throughout the Ages

Published on 31/1/17

Throughout human history, symbols have played an important role in communication between people, both amongst similar groups and between different societies and nations.
With the passage of time and the advancement of art and science, various groups have adopted different symbols, both religious and secular. One of the oldest known symbol of this kind is the symbol of Freemasonry. Other famous symbols include the pyramid, the circle, the flower, the Middle Eastern hand shaped Hamsa, the Star of David, and the cross.
While these symbols were originally used to signify structures, books and other objects, gradually they came to represent also status, and even adornment. Another subject that was neglected for a significant period of time is the religious link between the bearer / wearer of the symbol and the symbol itself, including the use of symbols such as the Hamsa and the flower - and even the cross - as an accessory for adornment which does not signify anything about its wearer.
In their search for a widespread and popular common denominator, the designers of Belletto Jewelry have found that these ancient symbols can be integrated with modern designs, thereby sweeping the jewelry industry into a new world, in which the old is integrated with the new - the world of symbols.
The various Belletto Jewelry collections have been influenced by a wide variety of international signs and symbols. We proudly use the Hamsa as the leading symbol in our collection, while also integrating the Christian cross in its various forms through the ages and across different parts of the world, as well as the flower and circle: The most basic human symbols signifying interpersonal relationships. Certainly, jewelry in its purest form begins with rings and earrings, which are, for the most part, perfect circles.
We invite you to shrug off the conventional labels of society, and to enjoy the cosmopolitan, high quality fashion of Belletto Jewelry. Choose a Hamsa, cross, Star of David or flower, and make a bold, sophisticated statement of brotherhood and friendship.