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Jewelerize Yourself for Winter

Published on 07/11/17

Winter is always a style challenge – oftentimes we can't really express our true style when it's too cold to wear anything but sweaters or scarves. That cute little skirt is hidden away under your coat. The trendy top will have to wait for warmer days to be shown off. But guess what – your jewelry is always visible… Phew!

Wearing designer jewelry is the perfect way to style your winter look – like wearing a shiny gemstone pendant over your earth-tone knitted sweater, or wearing drop earrings with your hair up in a messy bun.

Fashion tends to go all Mother Earth when the temperatures begin to drop – Autumn & Winter collections tend to be mainly reddish-brown, beige, and black, to suit the chilly mood. But just because it's cold outside, there's no reason to look gloomy all season. This is the time to bring a little pop of color to your look – with gemstones like synthetic opals, which come in a range of happy, bright colors.

Belletto Jewelry's online shop lets you customize your designer jewels, so you can mix & match sterling silver or high-quality gold plated rings, pendants, earrings & bracelets from the same collection or various collections.

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