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5 Surprising Facts About Earrings

Published on 07/11/17

  1. CENTURIES AGO, EARRINGS WERE ACTUALLY MORE OFTEN WORN BY MEN RATHER THAN WOMEN, like in the Americas before the arrival of the white man.
    Surprise fact: portraits of William Shakespeare show him wearing hoop earrings, which were common among poets at the time.

  2. THERE ARE ACTUALLY NINE OFFICIAL LOCATIONS FOR EAR PIERCINGS. These are: Helix/Cartilage, Industrial, Rook, Daith, Tragus, Snug, Conch, Anti-Tragus and Lobe. Lobe is the traditional location on the bottom of the earlobe.

  3. EARRINGS HAVE HISTORICALLY SYMBOLIZED AN ARRAY OF THINGS: social status, religious beliefs, sexual preference, belonging to a certain tribe and more. 
    Surprise fact: A sailor's pierced earlobe meant that the sailor had either completed a ship trip around the globe or had crossed the equator. In other words, sailors with earrings were the coolest cats on the ship. 

  4. ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIGS HAVE UNCOVERED EARRINGS DATING OVER 2000 YEARS. Some religions and cults made piercing ears and wearing ear jewelry part of their rituals and coming of age ceremonies.
    Surprise fact: soldiers in the Persian Empire apparently wore earrings! You know what they say, never go to battle without the right bling…

  5. PIERCED EARS MADE A COMEBACK IN THE LATE 1950'S, but not many jewelry stores would offer piercing services until a decade or so later, so teenage girls would hold ear piercing parties at home. Who can forget Sandy getting her ear pierced by Frenchie in Grease?


So now that you're all smarter about earrings, it's time to treat yourself to a new pair… or two!